Western Prop Rentals

Western prop rentals offer an immersive gateway into the iconic era of the American frontier, transporting clients to a time when cowboys roamed vast landscapes and saloons echoed with lively tunes. Whether it’s for a themed party, a film production, or a theatrical performance, western prop rentals provide an authentic touch that adds depth and character to any setting. From rustic wooden barrels and antique firearms to intricately crafted stagecoaches and swinging saloon doors, these rentals capture the essence of the Wild West, allowing individuals to recreate scenes from history or bring fictional narratives to life with unparalleled realism.

Let’s make your event western! 

Saloon Facade Prop 10ft tall $589

(2 available)

Western Fencing 6ft wide $45 each

(60ft available)

Texas 12ft tall prop $539

Cowhide rug $85

(4 available)

Faux leather accent chair

(4 available)