Shimmer Wall Rentals

Shimmer walls are one of the best additions to your event.
They add the perfect touch of ‘wow’. We can mix colors and add a little fun to the install, we can add balloons to the shimmer wall and even neon signs!
We are here to create something unique for your event. Ask us about our custom options.

Let’s bring a special shimmer to your event!

Matt Gold Shimmer Wall

Shinny Gold Shimmer Wall

Silver Shimmer Wall

Iridescent shimmer wall

Pink Iridescent Shimmer Wall

Purple Shimmer Wall

Matt Pink Shimmer Wall

Dark Pink Shimmer

Shinny Pink Shimmer Wall

Baby Blue Shimmer Wall

White Shimmer Wall

Red Shimmer Wall

Black Shimmer Wall

Shimmer Wall Rental FAQ

How long do I have with my shimmer wall rental? They’re considered day rentals. It doesn’t matter if you rent them for 2 hours or 10 hours the price stays the same because the labor is the same.

Can I have my shimmer wall outside? Yes, as long as you notify us in the questionnaire we sent out a week prior to your event. We secure the shimmer wall. But we’re not responsible if it falls down. We cannot control mother nature’s high winds.

Can I hang a neon sign? Yes, we suggest using fishline for hanging and you can purchase that at Walmart. If you bought a neon sign from us or rented we will install it for free.

What day should I choose for my shimmer wall? We suggest at least 8-10 days before your event. It doesn’t mean we won’t have your shimmer wall if it’s less than the days suggested.

Can you add balloons to the shimmer walls? Yes, we can customize your event. Email us to provide you a quote.

Custom Shimmer Wall Order

Want to buy a shimmer wall?

Email us: if you have an event date that it must arrive by. Expedited production & shipping available for an extra fee.