Neon Sign Rental Dallas & Custom Neon Signs

Neon signs are the biggest thing for any event. It ties up your entire event, whether you create a cool custom neon sign or rent a neon sign. Neon rentals are a signature glow to any event. Combine them with a beautiful flower wall or mount it to any wall. Our neon signs are an average size of  3 ft wide. Dallas Neon Sign Rentals.

Let’s brings a special glow to your event!


Neon Sign FAQ

How do I rent my neon sign or create a custom neon sign?  Please email us

How do I hang my neon sign? We suggest using fishline for hanging and you can purchase that at Walmart. If you buy a permanent neon sign in your order we will provide you the screws to mount it.

Can I rent a neon sign from where I live?  As long as you pick up the neon sign from our Dallas office. If you want us to install the neon sign(s) there will be a travel fee.

How do I return my rental neon sign? Neon signs are considered all-day rentals. We do require the neon sign to be returned the following day.

What day should I choose for my rental neon? We suggest at least 7-10 days before your event. It doesn’t mean we won’t have the neon sign rental if you inquired 2 days before your event.

Custom Neon Sign Order

When will my order ship? Custom neons are made-to-order and are shipped within 3-4 weeks after they’re placed. Email us: if you have an event date that it must arrive by. Expedited production & shipping available for an extra fee.

Does expedited production guarantee delivery by my event date? We guarantee expedited orders will ship within 3 weeks. If your event is less than 3 weeks away please, email us if you have a specific date. Expedited production does not include overnight shipping, especially for custom neon sign orders.

What if my sign arrives broken? It’s very rare, but sometimes you have carriers that are not gentle with packages. If your sign is broken email us within 24 hours of delivery with images of the broken neon sign. We will send a replacement immediately.